Four-time US Olympian Ann Battelle knows a thing or two about ski training. As a world-class mogul skier, it was Battelle's job to be in top physical form to perform on the World Cup circuit. Since retiring from pro skiing, she has served as a fitness instructor with a focus on ski training. With snow falling across the country, now is the time to prepare your body for the ski season and Battelle has partnered with OnTheSnow to show you how.

You ski because it’s fun, right? Let’s keep ski conditioning fun too. Skiing involves flexibility, balance, agility, strength, endurance and power. All of this training does not need to be done in a gym with a whole bunch of weights. Playgrounds, grassy areas, sand volleyball courts and even planters provide endless potential for getting in ski shape.

Get your heart beating, sweat beading and body ready for some high-intensity challenges. A warm up can include 5 to 10 minutes of running with small bursts of five-second sprints. After a few minutes, stop and do some dynamic stretching—moving your muscle through its range of motion versus just holding a stretch. Do front leg kicks, side-to-side lunges, slow butt kicks and upper body rotations.

As your body warms up, increase the intensity. For today’s work out, let’s work on our agility, strength and a little bit of power.
Do the following on a 20-yard stretch of grass, jog back. (Three times)

Facing sideways, go from the start to the finish as fast as you can by crisscrossing your legs—you might know this as grapevine or karaoke. (Do both sides twice)

Sprint at 60 percent of your max. (Twice)

knee high
Facing forward, high knee running, thighs at least parallel, quick turnover. (Three times)

Sprint at 70 percent of your max. (Twice)

crazy legs
Crazy legs! Facing forward, quickly cross each leg over the other as you run forward. (Three times)

Sprint at 80 percent of your max. (Twice)

Standing a foot or so in front of a bench that is about knee height—sit back in a squat, just barely touch your butt and stand back up. (20 times)



Facing forward, sitting in a squat, explode up, extend through your knees and hips and land in a squat on top of the bench. Step down and repeat 10 times.

Repeat this combination three times, resting as needed between sets but also doing sets of 10-20 push ups while you’re resting.


Face forward and keep the bench about two feet behind you. Keeping both feet facing forward put your right instep up on the bench. Bend both knees as you drop your hips toward the ground. You should feel a big stretch in your right hip flexor/upper thigh. (Fifteen reps on each leg, repeated three times)

That’s enough for today. Go for a light run, stopping along the way for some static stretching—make sure to hit your quads, hamstrings, adductors, calves, hip flexors and butt. See? I told you ski conditioning could be fun.