Just outside [R507R, Winter Park] is a large working ranch, family owned for more than 90 years. It sits on 8,500 acres of land with a herd of more than 175 horses living on the ranch year-round. This is the C Lazy U Ranch, and it offers guests a wild west experience.

The C Lazy U is known for its Five Spur Service. Guests get a relaxing vacation that includes snowskiing or riding at nearby Winter Park, cross-country skiing, snow sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and a ride on a horse-drawn sleigh around the ranch.

Brady Johnson with C Lazy U says there’s more: “Guests are able to experience two horseback rides per day with experienced wranglers, covering 100 miles of trails scattered throughout the land, and other fun activities like cattle drives and campouts. The adventure at C Lazy U allows guests to learn true western horsemanship in a traditional western location.” 

C Lazy U Family and Barn

C Lazy U Ranch near Winter ParkPhoto courtesy C Lazy U Ranch.

Stay in one of the 38 cabins on the property. Dinner is family style in the main lodge. Johnson says, “C Lazy U’s food is second-to-none. The onsite chef chooses his selections daily with his team, based on the seasonality of each item, and prepares meals family style with several carefully crafted selections at each meal. The Ranch’s pastry chef focuses on creating unique daily desert selections, and wine pairings are offered with each course to perfectly complement the meal."

He adds that it is a perfect place for an unbeatable family experience: “Kids enjoy a camp-like experience with our kids program, and limitless activities, while adults enjoy fine wine and dining complimented by the company of other adults, and some coveted alone time while the kids are off enjoying themselves.”

Ask about the Ski & So Much More package that includes all accommodations and meals, with different activities that can include skiing or snowcat skiing. You must stay at least four days, Wednesdays through Mondays. This package is good Jan. 1 through March 15, excluding Feb. 16-20.

More Information  Or call (970) 887-3344.