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American Gold Medalist Steve Holcomb has described the bobsled as a “minute-long car accident.” While screaming down a 15-turn chute of ice at 70-plus miles an hour, bobsledders can reach 4 to 5 G’s—more than astronauts feel during the launch and reentry of a space shuttle.

If you have a need for speed, you’re in luck. At Park City’s Utah Olympic Park, regular Joes can flatten their faces while careening down a real bobsled track—which drops the equivalent of 40 stories in 60 seconds—in a real four-man bobsled. The experience takes a 30-minute orientation and a waiver that uses words like kidney problems, high blood pressure and aggressive.

It’s the exact course that Olympians used in 2002, other than the running start, and it requires the same techniques: shrugging your shoulders to keep your head on straight, trusting your pilot and hanging onto the handles for dear life. Want to jack up your adrenaline even more? Request the fourth position, which bears the brunt of every single one of those G’s.

What: Comet Bobsled Ride
Where: Utah Olympic Park, Park City, Utah
When: Nov. 26–Dec. 10, Friday and Saturday evenings; Dec. 13–March 17, Tuesday–Saturday evenings; summer rides are also available
Highlights: Fly down the real 2002 Olympic bobsled track, reaching speeds of up to 80 miles per hour.
Cost: $200—Reservations are available by clicking here, or call 888-251-2417
Family Value Package: Five nights of slopeside lodging at Park City Mountain Resort for two adults and two kids, plus two adult four-day lift tickets. Kids stay free.
Lodging options: Dozens of accommodations in Park City, from large condos to boutique hotels.
Ski-in, ski-out lodging: Some hotels and condos. Clarify when making reservations.
Lodging reservations: 800-331-3178

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