[R617R, Engelberg], has discounted Season Passes available..

An Adult all year pass is available for 990 euros. Seniors are 790, youth(16-19) is 690 and a child is 400.

Engelberg is surrounded by classic Alpine mountain scenery which rises up to 2000 metres above the village creating a spectacular backdrop.  The impression of size is underlined by the list of facilities the resort offers, which normally only would be found within a large town or even a small city.  As is increasingly common with Swiss ski centres, Engelberg mixes the best of old fashioned standards of service and quality with the latest in new technology on the mountain, including the already legendary rotating 'Rotair' cable car/tram, which ascends to 3020 metres (10,000 feet) to access skiing on the Titlis glacier. 

There is a tunnel through the glacier at the top station of the Titlis Rotair where an ice bar sometimes operates. It is  at the far end of which you find yourself in another canton (equivalent to walking in to a different state in North America).