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Lower Spis - Gemer Ski Resorts

The territory of South Spiš consists of 2 districts: Spišská Nová Ves a Gelnica. National park Slovakian paradise is a part of it, and it is concerned the most beautiful natural area of Slovakia. The terrain of Slovakian paradise is very interesting. Made by streams, waterfalls, karst forms and deep gorges. Trails of this area available for tourists thanks to ladders and bridges. Therefore you can visit the breach of Hornád, Kyseľ valley or Falcon valley. South Spiš is also a paradise for skiers. Be sure to visit Ski Centre Levoča, ski resort of Telgárt or Vernár. Relax Centre Plejsy is also very good doe skiing. If you are fed up with skiing, make a trip to UNESCO monuments: to Levoča, the Dobšínska Ice Cave or the Spiš Castle.