The women's Freeride Category of ski boots is all about options—options for fit, performance and mobility. This expansive group of ski boots provides fit matches for skiers looking for narrows, mediums or wides in a spectrum of different stiffnesses. The Freeride category's defining characteristic is the hike mode feature. All the boots in the women's Freeride Category offer releasable cuffs that allow the boots to hinge more freely forward and backward for the sake of a more natural stride while walking, hiking or skinning with the flip of a switch.

Because the option to skin uphill is a big part of the women's Freeride ski boot's job description, it will commonly employ lighter weight plastics sometimes only in the cuff but occasionally in both the upper and lower boot. Liners are similarly of lightweight construction and often utilize articulated hinge points to match the mobility of the shell in hike mode.

Many boots in the women's Freeride category also offer compatibility with lighter weight "tech" bindings. Any time a cuff-release feature and lighter weight plastics enter the picture, there comes a question as to what compromise is made to pure downhill performance; with the best women's Freeride boots, there isn't one. Many skiers with no plans to hike anywhere will consider a Freeride boot for its lighter weight and the convenience of a walk mode.

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