The women's Backcountry Category of ski boots is defined by weight, mobility and binding style. These are some of the lightest boots on the market that can still drive a ski downhill after the up, with most of them utilizing thin, polyamide plastics like Grilamid and Pebax.

The Backcountry boot's cuff is highly mobile forward and aft—often due to three-piece shell construction—and in concert with a lugged and rockered sole offers a longer, more natural stride than found with Freeride Category ski boots. Due to this boot's permanently rockered sole style, Alpine bindings are not compatible—A.T. frame bindings or tech bindings are required here.

Backcountry ski boots' liner construction is fully thermo-moldable EVA (or similar) foam for its light weight and high insulating quality and is typically articulated for maximized touring range of motion.

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