If you want to ski like a superhero than you need the right cape. A skier's jacket can make all the difference between taking flight or getting bogged down by the elements. Whether you're looking for a lightweight shell or a cozy insulator, our 2016/2017 Ski Jackets Buyers’ Guide will have you skiing faster than a speeding bullet and leaping terrain features in a single bound.

This year's lineup features a variety of shell and insulated options from leading manufactures. Breathability and stretch performance continue to be top of mind for big brands as they search for more versatile fabrics and insulation innovations. Although ski jacket manufacturers still push the natural color tones we saw last year, we're also seeing everything from high-viz color schemes to rustic corduroy accents. 

Consult this guide throughout the season here as your skier needs evolve, and be on the lookout for some additional performance commentary for our favorite pieces.