Have you had that recurring dream, the one where you’re skiing endless powder, run after run, floating effortlessly down the mountain through the fluff on fat skis? With some luck, this fantasy could be your reality, and when it comes true, you’ll want to spend the day on the right pair of skis. 

Powder skis have a wide platform with waist sizes above 100 mm underfoot, so they can float on top of snow or cruise through crud and cut up conditions. All gear in this category has some amount of rocker, which affects the behavior. Some models are playful and surfy, while others feel strong and tank-like. Whatever the personality, constructions often include materials and technology designed to lighten the load, or at least soften the flex. 

Fantasy or reality, ski resort to the backcountry, there are a great deal of high-quality, fat powder skis on the market. Figure out which side of the gear spectrum suits you best, then compare the latest women's Powder skis for the 2016/2017 ski season from our guide below, and view the image or ski name to check out specs and reviews from each of the skis we tested.

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