Picture your average day. If it demands that you mix up your speed and turn radius as you carve, surf or plow through a variety of terrain and snow conditions that might include everything from expert runs to cat tracks, on-piste and off, corduroy to powder, then look no further than this versatile category. 

Skis in the women’s All-Mountain Back category have a tough job. They have to be able to play nice on the frontside and have enough chutzpah to conquer the back. As with other narrower skis, there is an overall gear trend toward lightweight ski constructions and thinner profiles. Ski manufacturers have looked to other industries and sports for high strength-to-weight materials in order to cut weight without loosing performance or torsional rigidity. Skis in this category have some amount of rocker for flotation and maneuverability and a range of waist widths sized between 93 mm and 100 mm. 

If you want to increase your ski repertoire to include more all-mountain terrain, side and backcountry skiing, then compare the latest women's All-Mountain Back skis for the 2016/2017 ski season from our guide below, and click the image or ski name to view specs and reviews from each of the skis we tested.

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