When it comes to fat skis, there’s a lot of talk these days about fall-line driven directional chargers vs. surfy float specialists. Simply put, skis with waists above 100 mm underfoot can handle soft snow and crud any mountain throws their way by virtue of their wider platform, but their rocker profile, shape and core materials dictate their personality.

Some have a more playful, surfboard-like quality and are designed to stay on top of deep snow—often at the expense of carving. Others favor the fall line and have some carving ability on hardpack, therefore earning higher scores for versatility. Whatever the skiing personality, the buzzword for women’s 2015/16 powder skis is lightweight, exhibited by the use of thinner profiles, carbon, paulownia and balsa.

Compare this season's crop of women's Powder skis with the list below, and click the ski name or image to view the reviews from each of the skis we tested. 

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