2016/2017 Kästle BMX115 ski review. OnTheSnow tested this ski as part of its men’s Powder Category.

“Die Kanone,” as it’s called in German (Kästle skis are made in Austria), or “The Cannon” is the wider in a two-model series of freeride skis. “Ski it hard or else,” warns Rice. “Nothing will stop this Johnny-go-big-line, hard-charging ski.” Testers were most impressed with the 115-mm-waisted ski’s stability and float performance and less fond of versatility and playfulness. “It’s a heavy, stiff tank,” says Cole. “Go for fast, big traditional turns.” The BMX115 has a sandwich sidewall construction with a silver fir wood core. Kästle added a long, progressive rise in the tip for smooth turn transitions and flotation, while the second iteration of the see-through Hollotech technology reduces more shovel mass than the previous version.

Website: kaestle-ski.com