2016/2017 Elan Interra ski review. OnTheSnow tested this ski as part of its women’s All-Mountain Front Category and awarded it an Editors’ Choice honor.

It’s no small feet to win highest scores for carving, and that’s the distinction testers awarded the Elan Interra. “Amazing on edge,” says Brown. “This ski makes smooth, consistent turns of every shape.” Like the wider Insomnia, the Interra has a wood core and two sheets of thin shaped titanium called Dual Shaped Ti technology. The second tech story builds on a unique design from Elan: Amphibio 4D combines the left and right ski from Amphibio construction—traditional camber tip to tail on the inside edge with rocker at the tip and tail on the outside edge—and a 4D segmentation that creates a convex shape in the front of the ski and concave shape in the rear. “Don’t expect float; with an 82-mm waist, this ski felt like a Frontside carver,” says Riley. “But if you ski mostly groomers and like to be on edge (in a good way), then go with this Elan.”

Website: elanskis.com