2016/2017 Elan Amphibio 84 TI ski review. OnTheSnow tested this ski as part of its men’s Frontside Category.

Elan’s Amphibio technology creates a left and right construction—skis have traditional camber tip to tail on the inside edge of the ski and a small amount of rocker at the tip and tail on the outside edge. Along with that technology, the Amphibio 84 TI adds another dimension: Amphibio 4D and Dual Shaped TI means a unique tip and tail construction as well. A convex shape in the front of the ski and concave shape in the rear—combined with a thin layer of titanium—is designed to enhance quick turn entry and exit. The result? “Great combination of edge hold and clean turn initiation,” says Dittmar. Testers gave the 84-mm-waisted system ski highest scores for carving and lowest for stability. “It lacks a ‘wow factor,’ but it’s really easy to ski and versatile with turn sizes,” says Rice.

Website: elanskis.com