Caseco Blu-Toque review. Mountain Getaway reviewed this bluetooth beanie as part of its 2016 Camping Essentials Buyers' Guide.

Glamp Factor: Just another black beanie? Look again… and listen. Music to your warm ears! Not the most practical camping accessory unless you’ve got a full phone charge and a downloaded playlist ready, but just like a broken elevator turned regular old stairs, the Caseco Blu-Toque is also a really nice looking, well-made beanie, tunes or sounds of silence.

Performance: Once a point of major stress and fear, I’m starting to love wearable tech. Why? Because setup and use is so dang easy, at least in this case, and the sound is better than most in-ear headphones. Plus it’s just a straight up fun product. This beanie is a standout in the wearable tech crowd, providing incognito jams via removable speakers/controls. It’s even got a call function, but we’re not ready to go there just yet.

Why You Can’t Live Without It: You’ve already got every other possible wearable tech and listening device, why not add a little style to your collection?

Manufacturer Description: A chunky black Bluetooth beanie with a cuff.