Millet Friction Approach review. Mountain Getaway reviewed this hiking shoe as part of its 2016 Hiking Boot/Shoe Buyers' Guide.

Fit/Comfort: The Friction runs a bit large, so consider coming down a half size. The shoe had the stiffness and weight of a hiking boot, but felt more nimble than one due to its low-cut upper. Overall, a comfortable shoe considering the breadth of terrain it can cover.

Style: Yodelayheehoo! The Friction hiking shoe looks part hiking boot, part rock climbing shoe and part mountain goat. Along with the toe and heel caps, the extended lacing to the toe gives the shoe a unique look. Available in two sharp colorways.

Performance: The Friction is designated as an “approach” shoe, meaning it’s meant to get you to the base of whatever mountain you’re looking to summit. This shoe’s stability is unreal and with its high-traction Vibram outsole, the Friction felt like it could do much more than simply “approach.” The reinforced leather felt highly durable and the dual-density EVA midsole did a good job providing comfortable support on rocky terrain.

Manufacturer Description: All-leather upper, high-traction Vibram outsole, toe and heel caps, extended lacing to the toes, and optimized tongue adjustment: all-over efficiency defines this long-standing Millet model. A timeless classic, the Friction is a reliable performer on every occasion. A product that “won’t waver”, says Sébastien, who heads up Millet’s design center: “The Friction is a pure approach shoe that gives peace of mind at all times. We focused on the ‘essential’ aspect of this ‘blue-chip’ model, with an emphasis on solidity and comfort.”