Smith Founder review. Mountain Getaway reviewed these sunglasses as part of its 2016 Sunglasses Buyers' Guide.

Style: Though described as having a square shape, the Founder looks more round when you’re rocking them. This unisex style suits smaller to medium-sized faces and sports a unique frame design, both in overall shape and in the awesome array of colorways, basic black to ombre and opal.

Fit/Comfort: The design of these weightless sunglasses contours your face for a superb fit, and we had to read about the hydrophilic megol nose pads—said to grip better as they get wetter—to even notice their presence they’re so well built into the frame. We can attest to said functionality after a long, sweaty and rainy hike.

Visibility/Performance: Likened to an Instagram filter, everyone should view nature from behind a ChromaPop lens, which garnered a collective wow from all who peered through them. Smith delivers on its promise of enhancing clarity and color to the point of being able to decipher shades of green you never even knew existed until now. ChromaPop technology is popping up in so many sunglass flavors by Smith, and we wouldn’t mind this being the new brand standard one bit!

Manufacturer Description: The square lens shape, subtle keyway nose detail and classic silhouette define the Founder. A uniquely unisex model with a precise fit created using megol nose pads and Evolve eco-frame material. Offered with impact resistant carbonic lenses and ChromaPop™ polarized lenses, providing the highest levels of enhanced color and clarity.