Bergans Bodø Down Coat review. OnTheSnow reviewed this coat as part of its 2015/2016 Lifestyle Buyers' Guide.

Favorite Features: Be warned before trying on this product: you WILL want to buy it. But even then, it’s one of those pieces that’ll give you whatever the opposite of sticker shock is. In other words, it’s surprisingly affordable for a long wind/water-repellent coat with some of the best design features we’ve seen all season. In particular, we love the assymetrical zipper, textured material, high button collar and bonus sleeve pocket.

Room for Improvement: The only thing we don’t like is that this isn’t in our closet right now.

Fit: This coat was designed to flatter. We’ll repeat, to try on is to take home. You’ll see. #Obsessed.

On-the-Town Review: Weightless winter warmth on cold Colorado days and nights is what we get with this kickass style... well, that and compliments every single place its been worn. Now to find an excuse to wear it inside.

Manufacturer Description: The Bodø is a retro inspired lightweight, wind and water-repellent down coat with vintage design elements. Its fabric is slightly textured, and retro Bergans patches on the chest and sleeve, an overlapping zippered lapel, detachable hood with detachable faux fur trim, extra high collar, two front pockets and internal elastic cuffs with thumb loops make this a cozy coat for après ski activities.