Abominable Labs A-BOM Goggle review. OnTheSnow reviewed this goggle as part of its 2015/2016 Goggle Buyers' Guide.

Favorite Features: Abominable Labs guarantees a fog-free day with their goggle, the A-BOM. Whether or not the A-BOM can hold up to the claim of a de-fogged lens in less than one minute, with only the touch of one button, has yet to be on-snow tested on our end (stay tuned). We can say, however, that we’re impressed with the relatively low-weight, low-profile design infused into this tech-heavy offering. The A-BOM includes a six-hour rechargeable battery, micro USB cable and a one year limited warranty.

Room for Improvement: The large frame fit well on a male tester although seemed a bit large on smaller faces.

Fit: The A-BOM integrates well with a helmet and offers a surprisingly good field of vision and ergonomic design.

Manufacturer Description: Lightweight elastopolymer frame. Matte interior for reduced glare. Polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch coating. Adjustable memory knit strap. Helmet compatible. Arctic Wing ventilation system. Fits most faces. One year limited warranty.