2015/2016 Nordica Belle to Belle ski review. OnTheSnow tested this ski as part of its women’s Frontside Category.

Last season, the 78-mm-waisted Belle to Belle underwent a facelift—engineers changed the shape from more traditional to a blunt nose and tapered tail. That shape remains for 15/16, but a new transparent topsheet demonstrates the ski construction underneath: a balsa core made up of multiple balsa wood stringers, used for its high strength-to-weight ratio and shock absorbing properties. Nordica adds slight early rise in the tips for maneuverability and soft snow performance, and high tester scores came in for playfulness, being called “Responsive enough to play along the sides of the trail,” according to Balandina. The ski scored lower for stability, feeling “light in the tip,” notes Johnson. Muecke found the ski to be “more a playful all-mountain ski rather than a hard-charging carver. It can handle most any condition except deep power.”