It was the early 90s when Boston native Jared Mazlish was competing in the pro mogul tour followed by the big mountain extreme tour. He settled in Breckenridge, and around 2005, he started experimenting by cutting the middle out of a snowboard and putting the metal edges back on. That led to building a prototype with Donek Snowboards, and currently all production comes out of the Denver-based Never Summer factory. His original model, the A-Lotta, at 140 mm underfoot, is considered one of the original “superfat” skis. Mazlish says the fat ski looked a lot like a duckbill platypus, hence the fun-to-say name.

The all-mountain oriented M5, with graphics that give a nod to the Mack 5 car from the Speed Racer cartoon, features a five-point design, a laminate layup and poplar wood core plus a 106-mm waist. The M5 has tip and tail rocker and a 15-meter turning radius in 188 cm, the only length offering.