Around 2003, Vail, Colo., locals Dan Chalfant and James Satloff saw a hole in the industry: high-performance twin tips. An avid fly fisherman, Chalfant pondered skiing while casting into the local rivers and realized that bamboo fly rods were lightweight with high strength-to-weight ratios. Why not utilize the grass that grows abundantly on the mountainsides in China, where not even the hammering winds can prevent them from popping back up? The Vail-based company uses bamboo in every pair of skis, which are currently produced overseas.

Designed for high speed all-mountain cruising, the Liberty Variant 97 has a strip of metal in the bamboo and poplar core as well as a fast, durable petex base. A 97-mm waist combines with low-rise tip rocker. The Variant 97’s flat tail has a skin clip notch.