FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This matte black/grey helmet is sleek and understated in design for a true unisex style that looks good protecting any head. Offered in a variety of other fun color-blocked colorways, the Hybrid Shell Construction combines in-mold benefits with hard shell durability, and this helmet is also equipped with easy-to-snap in/out ear pads.

FAVORITE FEATURES: The Marker Phoenix boasts a great fit that’s easy to dial in with the Rotate To Size (RTS) Fit System for optimum comfort and protection. We also love the magnetic FIDLOCK OG Snap for a super seamless closure. Probably the most standout feature on this helmet, however, is the unique MAP Protection soft foam designed to stiffen and shock absorb upon impact in the most critical back of the head, forehead and temple zones. The material can even withstand multiple impacts during the same crash, and we also appreciate that it serves to make the helmet fit more comfortably, forming to the head.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: The superlative combination of performance and protection. With new MAP technology, PHOENIX OTIS is the flagship of the MARKER helmet program, and sets a new market benchmark. Building on the many overall benefits of the AMPIRE, the PHOENIX OTIS boasts unique, jumbo-sized MAP PROTECTION PADS. These high-tech shock absorbers are composed of a special polymer foam that is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Positioned at the critical areas of the back of the head, forehead, and temples, MAP can protect up to 22% more effectively compared with regular EPS helmets. MARKER is the only helmet maker to implement this innovative material, which regains its initial form almost instantaneously to protect against multiple impacts during the same crash. MAP PADS also make the helmet more comfortable, since they automatically adjust to the skier’s head shape, and prevent pressure points from forming. The ultimate in comfort, quality, and performance.