FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The selfie revolution continues to take roots on the ski slopes. Aside from the market-leading action camera, Zeal’s HD2 is the most seamless way to capture and share your snow exploits. We won’t argue the fact that for the price of the HD2 ($499), you could buy a GoPro plus a pair of decent goggles. But you’d have to fiddle with all the accessories, and here Zeal offers an integrated solution if you want to be a bit more subtle with your videotaping. The only thing to keep in mind is that like most electronics, you may spend some time updating firmware in the future to continue to get the most out of these goggles.

FAVORITE FEATURES: Our hat is off to Zeal for its improvement to the original version of this goggle. Some had complaints about the frame size and camera controls, and Zeal addresses those with the HD2. The buttons are larger and more intuitive, and the frame isn’t as ominous as the original. Another major bonus: the goggles connect wirelessly to your phone and via the free HD2 app, allow you to share on-mountain moments (and firsthand photos via as they happen. This is one goggle where you’ll want to spring for the new version rather than settling for last year’s model.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: Completely redesigned for 2014 the new ZEAL Optics HD Camera Goggle is like nothing else on the mountain. This goggle wirelessly connects and transfers videos & photos directly to your phone allowing you to have easy access to everything you shoot. Tap the app, pick the shot, share your moments. It's that easy. With a new integrated viewfinder, lighter frame and enhanced lens technology, the HD Camera Goggle puts you in control.