FIRST IMPRESSIONS: While our staff was not drawn to the minimalist design of these goggles, nearly all were impressed with the comfort of the frame and excellent field of vision. We found the lenses to be solid and suggest the black/black color scheme only for those who are not trying to draw any attention to their eyewear. These are also available in several other more memorable color combinations.

FAVORITE FEATURES: The Big Picture lives up to its name in offering a great field of vision, notably peripheral ability. Marker’s three-layer face foam is also superbly comfortable. If you don’t mind the style of these goggles, you should be able to find a color combo to suit you.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: The Big Picture wins converts with top-notch engineering combined with stylish looks. The supersized and spherical dual bionomic lenses with NMT coating supply an enormous field of vision and with it real big picture visual conditions out on the hill. The superfit frames with V-split nose adapt automatically to your face shape meaning the goggles fit comfortably and securely every time.