FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Obermeyer’s fun, feminine Rally Pant comes in a rainbow of colors, from the featured powder blue ocean to bright pink and lime, along with its awesome floral camo print, which runs $10 more. Normally, any kind of fastening in excess of buttons/snaps at the waist closure annoys us, but in this application, we don’t mind the little Velcro circle that sits to the left. While these pants do fit true to size, definitely take a look at Obermeyer’s sizing chart, in which sizes 6 and 8 are small, 10 and 12 medium, and so forth.

FAVORITE FEATURES: Per said sizing chart, it appears that this style is offered in varying lengths, a major bonus in our book. With back pockets that ride a bit lower, the Rally pant will suit the gals on one plank or two, making them the perfect versatile style. Whatever they’re mode down the mountain, those ladies will also find another zip pocket at the hip along with a thigh pocket for plenty of necessity storage options. It’s interesting to see a fleece-lined waist that’s adjustable from the inside, and we also like the subtle Obermeyer branding throughout and the longer mesh-backed inner thigh vents as part of the company’s Control Zone Ventilation (CZV).

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: Built for hikes up the ridge and quick descents, the Rally pant delivers CZV venting performance with a fit that is the perfect balance of style and function. The snap-to-pant system seals out the cold weather and blocks chilly snow from ruining the perfect morning of fresh tracks. Adjustable at the waist and belt loops equipped for dialing in the perfect fit.