FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Flylow’s Daisy Pant has the performance features you’d expect of a ski pant with a fit that’s more like what you’d wear out for beers later on. This style sports powder cuffs secured by snaps and Velcro plus a convenient 5–6 inch exterior cuff zipper for hassle-free boot adjustment. A button (rather than a snap) closes the top more like a regular pant, preventing the post-lunch lift-unload snap-pop phenomenon (That doesn’t happen to you? Oh, uh... us either). All three of the pant’s fun colorways correspond with the Flylow Jane Jacket for a put-together outfit that may border on too matchy/matchy for some. We like that the pant has an inner thigh seam vent, though we wish it were longer and backed for those of us who don’t always rock a bottom base layer with insulated pants.

FAVORITE FEATURES: As the description states, these ski pants leave the doughboy business to Pillsbury, with a slim ski fit that’s especially flattering where it counts… the booty. Love the two zippered front pockets in a complementary color, which also makes a pop-in appearance in the adjustable waistband Velcro. The twill outer fabric also sets this pair of ski pants apart from most others, with low-profile insulation that feels like it would be warm, but not too warm to be versatile.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: We know you. You’re always cold. You wear wool socks in July and down jackets in the kitchen. When you’re skiing, your legs are always shivering. So for you, we designed the Daisy Pants. A two-layer stretch twill fabric is lined with a thin layer of micropuff synthetic down insulation. The adjustable waistband is lined with a soft fleece. Thigh vents keep you from getting sweaty. Plus, the Daisy Pants have been redesigned with a form-fitting, straight-leg fit so you won’t look like a doughboy, even though you’ll be just as warm.