FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Some manufacturers have turned to heating their gloves as a gimmick, forgetting that perfecting a great glove should come first. Seirus is not one of those manufacturers. Instead, the company knows that heat functionality is useless without a well-designed and comfortable glove. In the HeatTouch glove, you’ll first get a comfortable, versatile and rugged glove, regardless of whether heat is a selling point. The Ignite product is new for 2014/15, so we can’t yet weigh in on how battery life and performance hold up after a season of heavy use.

FAVORITE FEATURES: Seirus charges a premium for the heat functionality, and our test exposed no flaws in the out of the box performance. Each glove is powered by two 7.4V Li-ion batteries, which tuck into a zippered pocket along the wrist of the glove. You can remove the batteries on a warm day or if you want to save weight, and if the batteries are dead, you can pull them out and still wear the gloves while you’re waiting for the batteries to charge. Once on, the heat comes quickly, and is evenly distributed through the palm and fingers of the glove. The HeatTouch Ignite mittens we tested performed equally well, and rely on the same technology. The power level is controlled by a button on the back of each glove, which glows red/yellow/green based on which level of heat it’s kicking out. Eventually, the high power will automatically cycle down to lower levels (if you keep it constantly on high, the battery will only last two hours). If you find yourself longing for heated gloves (or mittens), these are the ones to splurge on.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: Seirus HeatTouch rechargeable heated gloves and mitts present the easiest, most dependable way to stay out, stay warm and stay happy on the slopes. For up to six hours, wafer-thin batteries power Seirus' exclusive “Flexible Fusion” heat panels. HeatTouch gloves provide heat that radiates over the entire glove back and wraps around the fingertip, for toasty warmth and comfort on even the most bitter, icy days. The heat is activated by an illuminated button without removing the gloves or mitts. Each HeatTouch model has three heat settings: low (green/up to six hours), medium (yellow/up to four hours) or high (red/up to two hours) heat.