FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Like most Seirus gloves, the Accel is comfortable and a solid fit universally. However, there’s no liner or strap to secure your gloves to your wrists. These gloves feel durable, though they are not the most heavy-duty ones we tested this season.

FAVORITE FEATURES: The lining looks very different than it feels; it’s part of the system to allow moisture to escape while reflecting your hand’s heat back into your glove. For the price, these are good gloves that will likely get most skiers through the season with ease.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: Seirus HeatWave gloves and mitts utilize Seirus' Dual Stage Heating System: First, Seirus' proprietary, engineered Thermal Reflective Layer, made with a proprietary, high wicking, polyester/nylon blend, retains 20% more warmth inside the glove than traditional linings. Then a kinetic process creates a 4-5 degree increase in this heat from wicking energy. It's a whole new level in warmth for a non-battery-heated glove.