FIRST IMPRESSIONS: These gloves are designed to be form fitting, and Seirus delivers on that promise. At first, they feel tight, almost constricting, even in a men’s large. For us, these gloves fall within a unique category: they’re too heavy-duty to be simply liners, but they’re also not enough to be your primary ski glove in the heart of the season. These gloves are new for 2014-15, and for an extra $5, can come with functionality to control your smartphone without removing the gloves (Seirus calls this SoundTouch across its lineup).

FAVORITE FEATURES: Seirus lined these gloves with some of its best material: it’s soft, comfortable, and provides flexibility. They’re durable enough that you could easily ski with them on a warmer day or use them for other on-mountain activities. We also appreciate the thin Lycra cuffs, which ensure you won’t fight a losing battle tucking them under the cuffs of your mid layer jacket. This is marketed as the thinnest 100% waterproof glove, so it could be an extremely versatile glove for some skiers.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: Xtreme warmth. 100% waterproof. Warmest, driest, and most comfortable lightweight glove. As warm as bulky gloves. Patent pending form-fit design. Lycra cuff.