FIRST IMPRESSIONS: These are serious gloves for skiers who mean business. When you’re not skiing powder, they also do double duty for when you need to shovel three feet of snow from your driveway. At least, that’s the image that comes to mind when you see the grip on these leather-palmed gloves. You can feel that this is a well-designed glove that’s made with top-quality material. While these gloves are not heavy on the insulation, the liners are removable if you want to substitute something more substantial.

FAVORITE FEATURES: Hestra’s handcuff is an elastic strap to ensure you don’t drop your expensive glove from the ski lift, never to be seen again. Frankly, we believe all gloves and mittens should come with this feature, but Hestra’s is unique in that is is an elastic band, not just a strap that needs to be manually adjusted each time. These gloves have simple, yet effective adjustments, which allow you to easily secure both hands. As a bonus, the left glove has a tag where you can write your name and telephone number, though we suspect you’d find yourself on the losing end of the “finders keeper” rule in that situation.

MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION: Hestra has added their Ergo Grip construction to their best-selling Heli Glove for an even better fit with the same warmth and durability. Features goat leather on the palm and a removable liner.