Line Sick Day 104 ski review, 2017/2018 men's Big Mountain Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

Like Ferris Buehler, Line understands that sick days mean freedom. Freedom from the tyranny of technicity that says all turns must be carved. Freedom from metal that puts the kibosh on pop. Freedom from costly designs when all you really need is a lightweight aspen core infiltrated with carbon stringers that go by the colorful name of Magic Finger Carbon Filaments. Line's Sick Day 104 acts avant garde and rebellious, but it’s actually a retro design that uses fiberglass to dictate flex pattern—soft tip, stiff tail—and rebound (4mm of camber). The energy the Sick Day 104 releases as it crosses the fall line lends the impression it’s quicker to the edge than most skis its size. As befits a ski with a name about slacking, the Line Sick Day 104 would rather drift than carve, a skill that’s essential in the wildly variable conditions that prevail off trail. Short turns are OK, but they’re a lot like work, so the Sick Day 104 prefers a longer, lazier radius. “Quite the upgrade from the 102,” lauded one tester. “Added carbon stringers give this ski insane rebound and a ton of forgiveness. Surfy and playful all around the mountain, this is a true one-ski quiver.”