Rossignol Famous 10 ski review, 2017/2018 women's Technical Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

Rossignol’s Famous 10 doesn’t suffer from an identity crisis. It doesn’t try to please all the people all the time nor is it befuddled by its purpose in life. Famous 10 is a carver, all day, every day. The ski's habitat is anything groomed where there’s a consistent surface on which to etch its arcs. Its unwavering commitment to carving is evident in the shape of its forebody, which drops more than 50mm in width from Famous 10's widest point to its waist. A smidgeon of early rise isn’t enough to keep this ski's lightweight Prop Tip from hooking up the instant the Famous 10 is tilted and pressured. Its natural turn shape is super tight, so it doesn’t need a lot of edge angle to begin the top of a round turn. The tail on Rossignol's Famous 10 is proportionately narrow, allowing the ski to roll off the edge smoothly and exit with energy. The Famous 10 losses its Savoir faire when pressed into action off trail, but this complaint could be leveled against any of the Technical skis. Accessible to the skier with so-so skills, the Famous 10 excels at the moderate speeds preferred by intermediate to advanced skiers. “Quick to turn, fast and responsive,” complimented Kim Collins. “Super lively!”

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