Salomon X-Max X14 Carbon ski review, 2017/2018 men's Technical Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

The only model in our Technical skis parade that doesn’t rely on so much as a single sheet of Titanal, Salomon’s X-Max X14 Carbon depends on an end-to-end carbon frame over a full wood core to deliver the requisite edge grip that carving on hard snow requires. Helping maintain snow contact is a feature called Powerline, a mobile carbon piston inside a sleeve, which disarms disrupting vibrations as it moves inside its housing. One trait the X-Max X14 Carbon shares with the rest of the Technical skis is a sense of instant engagement the second the ski is tipped on edge. The difference Salomon's X-Max X14 brings to the party is its response to light pressure at low edge angles both at the top of the turn and throughout the ensuing arc. Because it doesn’t require all-in commitment to a radically tilted ski, the X-Max X14 Carbon is accessible to lighter skiers (note the 155-cm length) and those who are on the threshold of technical mastery. “Just right for the less aggressive expert who enjoys laying down a polished yet energetic series of short turns,” opined Corty Lawrence.

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