Rossignol Hero Master ski review, 2017/2018 men's Technical Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

Unlike most Technical models, Rossignol’s Hero Master isn’t like a race ski; it is a race ski, just one with a particular mission in mind. Each of the Hero Master’s four sizes is named for its meter-radius measurement. The M-21, for example, is a 180-cm ski with its own unique sidecut (114/71/97) but otherwise built with the same specs as its fellow Rossignol Master skis. Although bred to race, its qualifications as a Technical ski are above reproach, as it can carve a trench alongside the best skis in the genre. As a race ski, the Hero Master represents a sort of compromise between slalom and GS, but away from the racecourse there are no limits on its performance. The ski's snow contact is secure yet silky, sensations attributable to its Prop Tech 3 forebody design. Comprised of three longitudinal slits, Rossignol's Prop Tech 3 allows the front of the ski to subtly adapt to rough terrain rather than fighting it, which creates chatter and bleeds speed. Olin Glenne’s exultation after galloping down the Sun Valley mountainside expressed the Hero Master feeling: “Rock and roll! Bring on Baldy!”