Head Supershape i.Speed ski review, 2017/2018 men's Technical Category, from our equipment experts at Realskiers.com powered by Masterfit.

The Head Supershape i.Speed should be called the i.Quick—while it probably isn’t the fastest ski, it’s certainly the quickest edge to edge, and superiority it’s itching to flaunt. Point the Supershape i.Speed down the fall line, tilt, pressure and repeat. You expect the ski to make short-radius turns at the expense of all others, but the Supershape i.Speed only executes its tightest turns when raked up on a high edge. Relax the edge angle a bit and you’ll discover that the Supershape i.Speed’s stability in a long-radius arc is underrated. Head uses carbon in a matrix one-atom thick, or Graphene, to help soften the flex, sharpening the Supershape i.Speed’s reactions to light pressure. This receptivity to arcing with a light rein masks a thoroughbred’s temperament that longs to charge the fall line. Only speed reveals its special skill: Head Supershape i.Speed responds to loading by slinging the ski forward rather than popping off the snow and—perish the thought—losing the continuous snow contact. The extra energy comes from piezoelectric fibers that stiffen the tail when stimulated by high-velocity vibrations. Matt Finnegan cautioned, “This ski isn’t for everyone. It’s very technical, but that being said, it’s technically rewarding.”