Kästle MX74 ski review, 2017/2018 men's Technical Category, from our equipment experts at Realskiers.com powered by Masterfit.

Like most of the best Technical skis, the Kästle MX74 is impeccably constructed with a silver fir and beech core encased in twin sheaths of glass and Titanal. It has all the earmarks of a race-bred carver: a tip-to-tail camber line supporting a sidecut that begins in the shovel and flows in an uninterrupted arc to a square tail. Despite all these high-octane credentials, Kästle's MX74 is easy going, bowing under light pressure. Put simply, the MX74 is a Finesse skier’s Power ski. Note the size range that dips into the 140s, a telltale sign that this is the rare carving ski that will respond to a featherweight touch. If this ski has a flaw, it’s the flip side to its strength: MX74 hates going off trail because it isn’t cut out for that sort of work, preferring to display its carving precision on piste. A tight turn radius and well-scalloped sidecut indicate the Kästle MX74’s proclivity for short turns, which can be engaged without exaggerated movement or pressure. Stephanie Humes raved: “Loved it. Solid enough for a ripping skier who expects high performance, [but] easy enough for a more moderate skier.”