Blizzard Alight 8.0 Ca ski review, 2017/2018 women's Frontside Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

Last season’s Quattro W 8.0 Ca is this year’s Alight 8.0 Ca, the rechristening part of Blizzard’s Women-to-Women initiative—a deep dive into the women’s skis market examining it from every angle, including marketing, communication and product development. The Alight 8.0 Ca is an example of this renewed emphasis on women-specific products. Its Bamboo Lite core concentrates what little mass it has in shoulders that rise over the edge, forming a channel for its IQ binding system. The Blizzard Alight 8.0 Ca's special talent is of particular benefit to the lighter woman: a bridge between toe and heel piece connects to the ski via a single screw, an arrangement that allows the binding to move with the ski as it flexes, so there’s less resistance to bowing into a tight turn. “It carves and holds the edge well, especially on ice,” said one tester. “If I were in the market for a Frontside carver, I'd consider these over the rest of the field; they held the edge a little bit better.”

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