Roxa R3W 105 Ti ski boot review, 2017/2018 women's Freeride Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

Characteristic of a three-piece construction, the flex feel of the all new 2018 Roxa R3W 105 Ti is long travel and springy, eventually coming to a stop but with a big range of movement that lets the skier choose where in that range to be. Hanging heavy against the boot will only smoke the quads, testers said, suggesting skiers use a lighter throttle fore and aft to unlock R3W 105 Ti's performance power band. "Rigid laterally, soft forward and really light," said Buell. The boot's forte is in the lateral moves, allowing the stiff, thin shell wall lower boot to feel the snow surface and sink its teeth in. "Damn, this is a responsive little vixen! Kickass chargers, but they ain't Uggs," said Teren.

Testers say Roxa R3W 105 Ti is a snug 99 mm and belongs in the narrow group. The toebox is also snug, and the shell feels very close to the navicular and ankle bones—most testers had a full liner molding on their to-do lists. The heel pocket is tight and right. R3W 105 Ti's calf offers a bit of relief from the squeeze, so testers said average legs attached to slender feet will do well here.