Head Raptor 110 RS W ski boot review, 2017/2018 women's Frontside Category, from our equipment experts at Bootfitters.com powered by Masterfit.

Testers rate the 96 mm Head 110 RS W as one of the very tightest fits of the test (at least in the lower boot), but they liked the shape of this super snug Frontsider. There were very few complaints of hotspots except over the top of the foot where high-arched or bony mid-foot folk got a little crunched. Don't like your heels lifting up? The Raptor 110 RS W is your solution. Need a little more room for your calf than for your heel? It's got you covered there, too; for as snug as the lower shell is, the upper cuff runs a touch low and open, suitable for many leg shapes.

For many testers, the Head Raptor 110 RS W's good fit is a bonus—they'd like this boot for how it skis, even if they had to suffer a bit. "Edge power is solid—this boot rails!" commented Post. "Excellent feedback from the snow, very responsive." Across the board, the Raptor rings the winner bell for quickness and lateral power to the edge; testers unanimously said they chose to ski harder and faster in this boot because they could in confidence. "Touchy feely. You can sense everything underfoot," Parazoo said. "Steering factor is alive!" While the Raptor 110 RS W is entered in the Frontside Category, testers repeatedly praised its off-piste power and balance and said it shouldn't get pigeonholed as a groomers-only sort of boot.