Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 ski boot review, 2017/2018 men's Freeride Category, from our equipment experts at Bootfitters.com powered by Masterfit.

One key to the Tecnica Cochise Pro 130's broad power band and stability on edge at speed is its plastic—polyether upper cuff and lower shell—real alpine boot plastic. No skimping for the sake of weight; instead, Cochise Pro's shell wall thickness is reduced in non-critical areas to shave weight while maintaining strength. We like that. "Changed directions like it was reading my mind—light, agile and quick!" said Coulter. Testers noted the foot feel through the boot floor to ski is exceptional, and while Tecnica's Cochise Pro 130 might not compare to piste-centric Frontsiders for edging power, it's pretty darned close.

The Cochise Pro 130's 99-mm last width is a smart choice for most good skiers looking for a locked-in fit for the heel, ankle and lower leg shaft but with a little breathing room for the ball of foot and toes, which is especially nice for touring, testers mentioned. "Like a magical Anaconda squeezing your foot and boosting your skiing ability," said Crumpler. Testers agree that the Cochise Pro 130 is one of the very best of its kind in that you don't have to give up descent performance and best of class alpine boot fit standards to gain a releasable cuff for hike and skin missions.