Dalbello Panterra 120 ski boot review, 2017/2018 men's Freeride Category, from our equipment experts at Bootfitters.com powered by Masterfit.

Dalbello stripped out the Panterra 120's unneeded heel inclining boot board (it went up and down like an Impala low-rider's rear end), gave it some new grippy soles, some mid-arch cladding and a scuff-resistant shell exterior—all useful changes that also shaved excess weight. Dalbello's switch to Irfran (polyolefin) shell and cuff material similarly reduced some poundage, but testers say it didn't drastically change the performance character of the Panterra 120. "Much lighter this year—allows for more instant feedback," reported Blaylock. The lighter weight quickened up the pace of turns—an improvement over the previous Panterra's sometimes ponderous transitions. But the lighter package didn't seem to undercut classic Panterra power to the edge, which testers said remains solid and bankable.

The new Dalbello Panterra 120 still fits like a 102 mm. It's a for real wide ride. It has a tall fit over the instep and a big, wide tube of a forefoot and toebox, so big thick feet (and legs) do well in the Panterra—it's one of our testers' particular favorites for a high volume instep fit. "Great fit throughout and good snow feel through the boot's sole!" said Evans. The crafty VVF (Variable Volume Fit) bottom buckle does a good job of slightly reducing the lower boot's volume around the forefoot if needed.