Dalbello Lupo Factory ski boot review, 2017/2018 men's Freeride Category, from our equipment experts at Bootfitters.com powered by Masterfit.

The Lupo Factory experience isn't for wimps or wannabes. Just getting into the Dalbello boot takes a certain level of skill and commitment. The lightweight, rear-articulated, lace-up liner goes on the foot first, gets laced, then the foot and liner enter (i.e. get crammed into) the Lupo Factory's three-piece shell. "Unique entry in a well-engineered Freeride boot," said Gleason. Overall, this is an narrow fit, but with extra room at the forefoot and quite a bit of space in the toebox. However, testers said this clean, even, narrowish fit came only after liner molding. Prior to liner cooking, fit scores were more scattered. Lupo Factory's upper cuff runs pretty high on the leg shaft, according to testers who said that the tongue has a nicely padded feel against the shin.

The test team was in agreement that the internal boot board ramp angle is fairly low, the cuff is pretty upright and the 130 flex is plenty stout; this put some testers on their heels and left them struggling to get up and out in front of Dalbello's Lupo Factory. Our taller, more aggressive testers tapped into megatons of shovel-bending force, while others ended up moving side to side, tapping into megatons of lateral, edge-driving power. "Excellent edge power and support—can work the ski as needed," remarked Coulter. A strong boot for strong skiers, testers agreed. Lupo Factory's removable tongue touring modality is both unique and a tester favorite.