K2 Pinnacle Pro ski boot review, 2017/2018 men's Backcountry Category, from our equipment experts at Bootfitters.com powered by Masterfit.

The Pebax lower shell and cuff construction makes for a lightweight ride and a snappy one in the K2 Pinnacle Pro. The resilience of Pebax created a lot of rebound energy and quick returns to center, sometimes to a fault, according to testers, with a couple mentioning they had to work to keep a bridle on the wound-up horsepower. Lateral moves were solid and strong, they agreed, claiming that K2's Pinnacle Pro generated progenitor Pinnacle-level power to the edge at a fraction of the weight. "The cuff loads plenty of energy to the ski—super in the skin track, too," said Remer. The power and light weight combined with the Syncro Interlock's long-travel touring range of motion makes the Pinnacle Pro a go to for good skiers who are serious about going up, too.

Testers say this year's revised PrecisionFit Tour Light liner has nicely opened up some room in the toebox and forefoot, and while it improved last year's tight fit on the navicular somewhat, that area remains more snug than expected for testers. Testers with large calf muscles liked the amount of available space (with the spoiler in) and said that this is a great ski boot option for that cyclist-calf guy looking for a comfortable backcountry boot.