Line Pandora 95 ski review, 2017/2018 women's All-Mountain Back Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

To the folks at Line, “fun” is a technical term, so it’s no slander to tag the Pandora 95 with this epithet. What makes the ski so is an all-glass construction with enough camber underfoot (5mm) that when pressured, it rebounds and elevates the lightweight skier so she can skim through the turn transition before settling back into the pow. For powder is where the Pandora 95 belongs, turning out tidy, short turns (13.8-m radius) in rhythmic fashion. Because it’s better suited to lighter skiers, the Pandora 95 makes a great step-up ski for the talented teen ready to make her move to the backside of the mountain. There’s no need for the petite skier to haul around heavy skis just to get the stability and versatility she needs in off-trail conditions. A tester too entranced with Line's Pandora 95 to share her name was gobsmacked by its charms, writing all in caps, “SO FUN! SURFY. LOVE. AWESOME GRAPHIC!” Her last, solitary word speaks to the pull the Pandora 95 has on her heart: “WANT.”

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