Lange RX 110 W ski boot review, 2017/2018 women's All-Mountain Category, from our equipment experts at powered by Masterfit.

Performance. It's Lange's story this year, and it's where the medium-width Lange RX 110 W really elevated above the rest. The pre-sculpted 3D liner's exterior matches the interior of the shell in a mirror image, mating the foot and leg to plastic and transmitting every skiing movement to the skis. "Flexes like a true 110," said Johnson. "Great for advanced and expert skiers who don't want bells and whistles." Testers said the RX 110 W knifed through all manner of junk off-piste and ripped hard snow like a weapon. The power to the edge was impressive but easily matched by the boot's snappy energy and feel for the snow underfoot.

Testers equated the RX 110 W to a benchmark for medium width fit characteristics without giving up on performance goals—meaning it doesn't blow out the toebox and forefoot and fluff up the liner. This top shelfer fits like a Recaro seat built around the foot—firm and close in the heel, ankles and boot throat. Some even likened the feel to a custom foam liner. "Hugs all areas of the average foot powerfully," said Powderly. There's just enough room elsewhere to suit the average, medium-volume foot and leg but without namby-pamby down comforter style pandering. This one grabs on and holds ya.