Patagonia Women's PowSlayer Bibs review. OnTheSnow reviewed these shell bibs as part of its 2016/2017 Pants Buyers' Guide.

Favorite Features: Go go gadget pant! These multi-functional, full-coverage 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro bibs will seal out pow during backcountry descents and can also be worn more casually, belt up/straps down, and while taking bathroom breaks with a drop-seat feature. Plenty of pocket storage without adding a detectable ounce in weight will have you more prepared and energized to stay out longer. Bonus: Patagonia managed to make these less crunchy than previous versions.

Room for Improvement: We only want for one more snap or zip that would allow us to remove the straps altogether for an added touch of versatility.


Fit: Flatteringly true to size and super comfortable in either configuration option.

On-Snow Performance: Too much tech to rock in resort? Nah! While these bibs would especially excel in the backcountry with their lightweight and silent material, they're equally awesome for warm spring days on-piste over a light base. If you're new to bibs, the core containment factor takes some getting used to, but the straps can also be worn off the shoulder just as seamlessly—I accidentally did so for half the day without noticing. The bib bonus is that you're always covered, boot buckling to epic falls, which is a benefit you'll likely be missing once that feeling becomes the new norm.

Manufacturer Description: The Women’s PowSlayer Bibs are lightweight and packable protection for all of your snow sports pursuits. Built with innovative zero-bulk construction for freedom of movement and GORE-TEX® Pro fabric for the highest level of durably waterproof/breathable and windproof protection.