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Lift Ticket Prices for Ski Resorts in Eastern-Norway

How much is a lift ticket at Eastern-Norway ski resorts? Find prices for single day, half day and multi-day adult and child lift tickets at Eastern-Norway ski areas wherever that information is available and provided by the mountain. Eastern-Norway lift ticket prices are provided to OnTheSnow or sourced directly from the ski resorts, who are responsible for their accuracy. Lift ticket prices are often dynamic and subject to change. Reach out to the ski resort of interest or visit their website for the latest lift ticket pricing, deals and discounts or to purchase lift tickets or season passes.

Eastern-Norway Resort Lift Tickets | Most Current Pricing

ResortChild WeekdayAdult WeekdayChild 6-day passAdult 6-day pass
NOK 0.00NOK 415.00NOK 0.00NOK 1760.00
NOK 0.00NOK 450.00NOK 0.00NOK 1725.00
-NOK 300.00-NOK 1160.00
NOK 100.00NOK 330.00NOK 0.00NOK 0.00
NOK 0.00NOK 385.00NOK 0.00NOK 1450.00
-NOK 405.00-NOK 1620.00
NOK 0.00NOK 415.00NOK 0.00NOK 1740.00
NOK 0.00NOK 485.00NOK 0.00NOK 1950.00
NOK 0.00NOK 380.00--
NOK 0.00NOK 400.00NOK 0.00NOK 1800.00
NOK 0.00NOK 455.00NOK 0.00NOK 2115.00
NOK 0.00NOK 370.00NOK 0.00-
NOK 0.00NOK 340.00NOK 0.00NOK 1575.00
NOK 0.00NOK 395.00NOK 0.00NOK 2380.00
NOK 0.00NOK 415.00-NOK 1740.00
NOK 0.00NOK 460.00NOK 0.00NOK 2095.00
NOK 0.00NOK 335.00NOK 0.00NOK 1230.00
NOK 0.00NOK 360.00NOK 0.00-
NOK 0.00NOK 280.00--
-NOK 280.00--
NOK 0.00NOK 415.00NOK 0.00NOK 2080.00
NOK 0.00NOK 455.00NOK 0.00NOK 2115.00
NOK 0.00NOK 380.00NOK 0.00NOK 1470.00
NOK 0.00NOK 415.00NOK 0.00NOK 1740.00
NOK 0.00NOK 395.00NOK 0.00NOK 1995.00
NOK 0.00NOK 445.00NOK 0.00NOK 1050.00
-NOK 345.00-NOK 1135.00
NOK 0.00NOK 430.00--
NOK 0.00NOK 415.00NOK 0.00NOK 1740.00
NOK 0.00NOK 430.00NOK 0.00NOK 1920.00
NOK 0.00NOK 395.00NOK 0.00-
NOK 0.00NOK 320.00NOK 0.00NOK 860.00
NOK 0.00NOK 390.00NOK 0.00NOK 1880.00
NOK 0.00NOK 315.00--
NOK 0.00NOK 390.00--
NOK 0.00NOK 440.00NOK 0.00NOK 2125.00
NOK 0.00NOK 400.00NOK 0.00NOK 1630.00
NOK 0.00NOK 410.00NOK 0.00NOK 1680.00
-NOK 370.00-NOK 1400.00
-NOK 0.00--
NOK 100.00NOK 390.00NOK 350.00NOK 1590.00
NOK 0.00NOK 450.00NOK 0.00NOK 1890.00
NOK 0.00NOK 395.00NOK 0.00NOK 1550.00