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Lift Ticket Prices for Ski Resorts in Czech Rep.

How much is a lift ticket at Czech Rep. ski resorts? Find prices for single day, half day and multi-day adult and child lift tickets at Czech Rep. ski areas wherever that information is available and provided by the mountain. Czech Rep. lift ticket prices are provided to OnTheSnow or sourced directly from the ski resorts, who are responsible for their accuracy. Lift ticket prices are often dynamic and subject to change. Reach out to the ski resort of interest or visit their website for the latest lift ticket pricing, deals and discounts or to purchase lift tickets or season passes.

Czech Rep. Resort Lift Tickets | Most Current Pricing

ResortChild WeekdayAdult WeekdayChild 6-day passAdult 6-day pass
CZK 280.00CZK 400.00CZK 1350.00CZK 1930.00
CZK 380.00CZK 500.00CZK 1940.00CZK 2640.00
CZK 0.00CZK 440.00--
CZK 210.00CZK 310.00--
CZK 350.00CZK 440.00--
CZK 400.00CZK 475.00CZK 1500.00CZK 2100.00
CZK 400.00CZK 530.00CZK 1360.00CZK 1790.00
CZK 300.00CZK 380.00--
CZK 390.00CZK 520.00CZK 1790.00CZK 2560.00
CZK 250.00CZK 300.00--
CZK 480.00CZK 710.00CZK 2290.00CZK 3340.00
CZK 350.00CZK 500.00CZK 1500.00CZK 2300.00
CZK 460.00CZK 690.00CZK 2450.00CZK 3720.00
CZK 410.00CZK 620.00CZK 1900.00CZK 2900.00
CZK 280.00CZK 390.00--
CZK 320.00CZK 420.00--
CZK 260.00CZK 400.00CZK 1200.00CZK 1900.00
CZK 320.00CZK 590.00CZK 1470.00CZK 2660.00
CZK 310.00CZK 390.00CZK 1400.00CZK 1760.00
CZK 250.00CZK 320.00CZK 1000.00CZK 1500.00
CZK 450.00CZK 600.00CZK 2050.00CZK 2900.00
CZK 240.00CZK 380.00CZK 1070.00CZK 1770.00
CZK 0.00CZK 600.00CZK 0.00CZK 2900.00
CZK 630.00CZK 790.00CZK 2860.00CZK 3540.00
CZK 300.00CZK 450.00CZK 1370.00CZK 2050.00
CZK 450.00CZK 600.00CZK 2000.00CZK 2900.00
CZK 450.00CZK 670.00CZK 2340.00CZK 3010.00
CZK 300.00CZK 440.00CZK 1300.00CZK 1860.00
CZK 0.00CZK 440.00CZK 0.00CZK 1920.00
CZK 300.00CZK 390.00CZK 1500.00CZK 2000.00
CZK 350.00CZK 480.00CZK 1680.00CZK 2200.00
CZK 480.00CZK 710.00CZK 2510.00CZK 3520.00
CZK 290.00CZK 390.00CZK 1380.00CZK 1920.00
CZK 440.00CZK 440.00--
CZK 420.00CZK 600.00CZK 2000.00CZK 2800.00
CZK 240.00CZK 370.00CZK 1000.00CZK 1550.00
CZK 350.00CZK 490.00CZK 1300.00CZK 1950.00
CZK 390.00CZK 510.00CZK 1980.00CZK 2600.00
CZK 480.00CZK 595.00--
CZK 270.00CZK 380.00--
CZK 420.00CZK 590.00--
CZK 360.00CZK 500.00CZK 2450.00CZK 3100.00
CZK 620.00CZK 880.00CZK 3000.00CZK 4280.00
CZK 320.00CZK 450.00CZK 1480.00CZK 2080.00
CZK 350.00CZK 500.00CZK 1300.00CZK 2200.00
CZK 300.00CZK 450.00--
CZK 350.00CZK 500.00CZK 1500.00CZK 2100.00
CZK 300.00CZK 360.00CZK 1450.00CZK 1750.00
CZK 450.00CZK 580.00CZK 2600.00CZK 3650.00
CZK 380.00CZK 450.00CZK 1700.00CZK 2300.00
CZK 450.00CZK 650.00CZK 2150.00CZK 3100.00
CZK 280.00CZK 400.00CZK 2150.00CZK 3100.00
CZK 280.00CZK 400.00CZK 1350.00CZK 1930.00
CZK 320.00CZK 420.00--
CZK 380.00CZK 490.00--
CZK 350.00CZK 450.00--
CZK 460.00CZK 680.00CZK 2400.00CZK 3000.00
CZK 400.00CZK 530.00CZK 1330.00CZK 1750.00
CZK 620.00CZK 880.00CZK 3000.00CZK 4280.00
CZK 290.00CZK 390.00CZK 1400.00CZK 2000.00
CZK 450.00CZK 640.00CZK 2190.00CZK 2920.00
CZK 260.00CZK 330.00CZK 1260.00CZK 1680.00
CZK 620.00CZK 880.00CZK 3000.00CZK 4280.00
CZK 360.00CZK 490.00--
CZK 350.00CZK 500.00--
CZK 260.00CZK 400.00CZK 1200.00CZK 1900.00
CZK 390.00CZK 470.00CZK 1830.00CZK 2300.00
CZK 340.00CZK 490.00CZK 1760.00CZK 2510.00
CZK 110.00CZK 500.00CZK 530.00CZK 2400.00
-CZK 340.00-CZK 1670.00
CZK 470.00CZK 650.00CZK 2160.00CZK 3590.00
CZK 620.00CZK 880.00CZK 3000.00CZK 4280.00
CZK 620.00CZK 880.00CZK 3000.00CZK 4280.00
CZK 400.00CZK 550.00CZK 1500.00CZK 2200.00
CZK 470.00CZK 650.00CZK 2160.00CZK 3590.00
CZK 450.00CZK 600.00CZK 2050.00CZK 2900.00
CZK 390.00CZK 570.00CZK 2107.00CZK 3100.00
CZK 700.00CZK 1000.00CZK 3590.00CZK 5120.00
CZK 360.00CZK 450.00CZK 1540.00CZK 2090.00
CZK 395.00CZK 500.00CZK 1990.00CZK 2450.00
CZK 465.00CZK 660.00CZK 2090.00CZK 2950.00


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