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Beskids Ski Resorts

Moravskoslezské Beskydy is located in the east of the Czech Republic on the border with the Slovak Republic and Poland. They are also the largest mountains of the Western Carpathians. The highest peak is Lysá hora (1323 m). Also known are Radhošť (1129 m), Kněhyně (1257 m.), Smrk (1276 m) or Travný (1203 m). In 1973 Beskydy were declared as a protected area and it is the largest protected area in the country. There is also one of the two Czech rain forests, Mionši forest. Skiing in the Beskydy Mountains has a long tradition. You can choose from downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or hiking. Ski resorts in Beskydy offer excellent conditions for downhill and cross-country skiing.